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New Tech that could disrupt the construction industry soon

As technology continues to innovate and grow exponentially, three hot techs could soon disrupt the #Construction industry.

1. Drones: Drones have been increasing in the past few years. Drones are being used as a hobby, but many industries are also taking advantage of low-cost entry. Many use drones to take pictures or create videos of houses, especially in the Real Estate industry. Also, drones are being used as a public safety tool. Drones can be used in construction as well and are being used already. It is a matter of time until drones become a new normal when it comes to construction.

2. RFID Tags: In Washington DC, contractors are starting to use RFID tags on worker's hard hats to track their performance bit also track their whereabouts. This can be something that can be used as a safety precaution as well. As "Eyrus state[d] alerts can also be set up to let employers know if a project is behind schedule or labor hours are out of alignment. In case of emergency, the system will even alert the workers of the need to evacuate and takes an immediate role call of who is on site."

3.Self-Driving Truck Loader: As we are seeing self-driving cars becoming the new normal, another self-driving technology is a track loader. explains how a self-driving track loader is being tested and how it works "Once the coordinates are loaded into the ATL's software, it uses the LIDAR and GPS, which is accurate to the nearest centimeter, to get to work cutting and dumping the soil. Another sensor on board the robot allows it to avoid collisions, but as Wired points out, a supervisor with a large red and orange kill switch must remain on site to shut it down, if needed.

The ATL is only being used on small pilot projects in the San Francisco area at the moment, but the Built Robotics team believes we'll start seeing robots on job sites well before self-driving cars hit US roads." More about this visit


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